The Next BIG Thing in STEM Learning & Economic Development - Public Policy & Advocacy

What is the NEXT BIG THING that will come along to make jobs, solve problems, and drive economic development for years.

The answer is fixing STEM education. The solution is at hand. Implementing this solution will take a concerted effort amoungst leaders in public policy and education, working together to implement the recommendations listed in this article.

The states that implement these recommendations will achive enormous competitive advantage relative to other states, and countries. Kell Robotics has been working with public policy makers in Georgia for 8 years in pursuit of defining and implementing these measures.

Below are a series of Objectives that are interrelated and should be implemented simultaneously for maximum effect.







Download Chart : iSTEM Educator Degrees







Download Chart : iSTEM Educator Degrees







STEM GYM Examples







STEM Coach / Counselor Model







Download Chart : Informal STEM Learning Support Network







Download Chart : FRC Competition Network in Georgia








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